Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Halloween Carnival 2019

Halloween Carnival 2019

4 years ago, 02-10-2019

It's that time of the year again! The days are getting shorter, everyone is suffering from post-summer weather whiplash and skeleton memes are like, everywhere. Good lord, you people like your skeletons. Anyway, that's not the only thing October has to offer, since the Halloween Carnival will be making its return! On October 26-27 at 18:00 UTC, we will once again be racing the spookiest tracks Re-Volt has to offer, in decked-out cars made specifically for the occasion.

Poster courtesy of Alex. Thanks!

Here's a rundown for those that didn't attend last year, or just forgot the details past "spooky races": The event will be separated into two categories: online races and a beauty contest. We will be using Frollin as our base car, which participants can repaint or remodel to 1. have a personal car for the races and 2. have a shot at winning the beauty contest. Your creation should have at least some connection to Halloween, of course.

We will be racing with pick-ups enabled on Arcade mode. There are no prizes to win, other than the satisfaction of crushing your opponents in competition. For more details, join us on Discord!

If you want to participate only in the online races with the default car (Frollin), simply let us know on Discord. If you are uncertain whether you can make it to the event, you may still sign up, but please let us know in advance that you might not make it. We need accurate information in order to predict how many lobbies we might need.

If you also want to race with your own car or participate in the beauty contest, you are allowed to make the following changes to Frollin for your creation:

You may not make changes to the hull (collision) file. You are only allowed to alter the Parameters for the car name, file paths, engine sounds, as well as the addition of spinners and other visual aspects. Unwanted changes to the Parameters will be easily detected, so do not submit any changes that may give you an unfair advantage.

Your car must be submitted on Discord, either publicly in #halloween-carnival-2019 or privately to the organisers (Wichilie or URV). The deadline for your submission is Thursday, October 24 at 18:00 UTC.

Finally, you are allowed to submit a car without racing it yourself. However, while not a requirement, you should consider finding another participant to represent your car in the online races.

Saturday Sunday
1. Hallows Eve 1. Halloween 2
2. Creepy Canyon 2. Bone Island
3. Return to Goblin Wood 3. The Catacombs
4. Kadish Sprint 4. The Felling Yard EXTREME
5. Vampira 5. Molten Caverns
6. Zombie 6. Skeleton Rave
7. Forest of Horror 7. MKDS - Luigi's Mansion
8. SCP: Containment Breach 8. The Monastery
9. Rooftops 9. Dead Souls
10. Waterfall 10. Schizophrenia
11. Miner's End 11. Hotel Retro
12. The Bunker 12. Mysterious Toy-Volt Factory 2
13. The Citadel 13. Tenebrosity
14. Castle Keepers 14. Spooky-Volt

Online Races:

  1. Alex
  2. BloodBTF (Sunday)
  3. Daniel1
  4. Floxit
  5. Frizk
  6. Hajducsekb
  7. HEAV
  8. OhNej
  9. Punk
  10. Radizen
  11. RV_Passion
  12. RV_Pure
  13. Shara
  14. URV
  15. Wichilie
  16. Zeino

Beauty Contest:

  1. Alex (2x)
  2. BloodBTF
  3. Hajducsekb
  4. RV_Passion
  5. RV_Pure
  6. Shara (2x)
  7. Wichilie
  8. Zeino