Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - June Content Packs Update

June Content Packs Update

4 years ago, 23-06-2020

The Content Packs have been updated!

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This month we have a couple of new (long-awaited) additions, and plenty of fixes and updates for existing tracks.

Additions Updates Removals
Medieval: Redux Helios Fiddlers on the Roof: Redux
Museum 3 Metro-Volt
Rooftops 1 PetroVolt
Wildland Sakura

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Super Pros recieved a lot of new additions, balance changes, collision fixes and additional paintjobs, but other classes were not forgotten.

Additions Updates
Anaconda GT 75C
Arion Alterego
Ayrton SP Bed Bug
Bad Bison Bendor
BanKing Black Widow
Daemmon Calcure
Elyta Cambold R
Endo Donnie TC
Nain Identity X
Power Station La Rossa
Quadralite Oval Ace
Rebound 4x4 P4 Super
Sideswipe Rinne
Skull Crusher Saeger
Star Carbs Selsia Turbo
Sterling F77 Sentaro XL
XM250 Skarlet
TT Raider
Velter Ultron

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The only real change here is the removal of Ever After following much community feedback.

Updates Removals
Ground N Smash 2 Ever After
Medieval Mayhem

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A couple of additions, and Sideswipe being moved to the main pack following its revamped visuals.

Additions Removals
Mach 9 Sideswipe
Super Phantum

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Over 40 skins have been added.

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Two new arenas were added, with one being updated.

Additions Updates
Cemetary Unreal Tournament
LMS Toytanic 1