Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - May Content Pack Update

May Content Pack Update

2 years ago, 14-05-2022

The Content Packs have been updated!

Click here to download the May Pack update (only includes Main Pack content!)

Warning: Due to recent structural changes, in order to get additional content not included in the Main Pack, it is advisable to get their respective Packs separately. This includes files like the Bonus Content, Circuits, and many more! You can find these files here.

This month we’ve got some highly anticipated additions to the Main Pack! Like in the previous updates, we also focused on polishing several of the already existing tracks, either due to author updates or miscellaneous bug fixes / optimization - two of them (Kadish Sprint and White Rose Chapel) even feature a Reverse option now, courtesy of the users CeCe39039 and EstebanMz, respectively. One track was also removed from the Main Pack, making its way to the Bonus Pack instead. Here are the novelties:

Additions Updates Removals
Hospital 1 Aspenside Overground
Hospital 2 Holiday Camp: California Edition
Kadish Sprint (R) Medieval: Redux
Mexico 1 Museum EX
Urban Sprint 1 Paper Town 1
White Rose Chapel (R) PetroVolt
Radioactive Garden
Rooftop Chase: Redux
Skating Toys: Redux
Schools Out! 2
Swan Street
The Great Silence
Toy World Aquatica: Redux

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A batch of new cars have been added to the Main Pack - 16 of them to be precise! Some new faces make their debut, along with a few familiar ones that make their return. None of the pre-existing cars were removed from the Main Pack. Finally, some cars were updated either visually or performance-wise, and the following list displays which!

Additions Updates
Artifact Acclaim GT
Bajaette Armand
Bushido RS AU-8
Hyper XL Badd RC
Iron-Z Blobster
Maxxas XLR8 Duck Sky
Middle5 Endo
Nitro Crusher Frosted Delight
Redhead Identity X
Romeo Indy B
Show-Off King Kaiju
Silvarooky Manfred
Skarlet Nakajima
Speed Balancer Naranja Turbo
ST 1 Outlaw
Victoria Phat Trucker
Toro GT84
Vibe Box

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Some new tracks made their way to the Bonus Pack, one of them coming directly from the Main Pack. Two of the already existing ones were also removed because their quality did not meet the current Pack standards. A couple of tracks also received minor updates. Tracks that missed out on being included in the Main pack were either due to the graphics, the raceline, or because of the IP they're based off of.

Additions Updates Removals
Battered Mansion 1 Fairground 1 Freiya
Battered Mansion 2 Fairground 2 Playa +
High Rollers Miami Manic
Overground Subway

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Akin to the Main Pack, we also see quite a few additions this month - 16 to be more precise!. Some cars also suffered updates this month. Here are the changes:

Additions Updates
Alterego Alien
Artiko Caralia
Blue Code Intellica PM-3
Devil’s Bison Starliner
EXTRM 99 Nova
F2 Flamma
HM 1
Turbo Wrench
ZE 84

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This month, 4 brand new clockwork cars made their way to the Modern Clockworks Pack.

CW Kart
CW Modify
CW Peak
CW Super

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A total of 92 new skins were added to the main skin pack - these include new skin suggestions and skins previously belonging to cars that made a comeback!

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A total of 26 new skins were added to the bonus skin pack - these include new skin suggestions and skins previously belonging to cars that made a comeback!

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No new Circuits were added to the Pack, but several existing tracks suffered updates - the four Sideways Sancturary tracks, alongside Red Rock Valley have recieved a major visual overhaul. On top of that, a majority of Saffron's and Zeino's tracks have been updated with more lenient corner-cutting measures! Here are the overall changes.

Updates Name Changes
Autumn Ring Sideways Sanctuary A > Swerveside Forest
Autumn Ring Mini Sideways Sanctuary B > Slipstride Park
Bijou Speedzone Sideways Sanctuary C > Shiftstep Meadow
Clubman Stage Route 5 Sideways Sanctuary D > Shadowslide Gardens
Dark Vale Forest
Green Haze Valley
Jimsonweeds Raceway
Motor Sports Land
Red Rock Valley
Special Stage Route 5
Super Speedway
Tingin Inc. GP
Wildwood Grove

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The Arenas Pack was divided into 3 separate Packs: Battle Tag, Last Man Standing and Stunt Arenas. While none of the tracks were removed, some suffered updates and a few others were added to the pool. Also included in these Packs are cars that come bundled with some of the tracks.

Additions Updated
Mega Ball Fairground Battle
Neighborhood Battle 3 Garden Battle 2
Neighborhood Battle 4 Two Neighborhoods Battle
Shagball Online!
Towa City Hospital Rooftops

Additions Updated
LMS Lego LMS Neighborhood
LMS Lego 2
LMS Lego 3
LMS On Ice!
LMS Sealand

Beehive Valley Adventures
Chocolate Ultimate Arena
Dirt Stunt
Forest Mansion Stunt
Grisville Arena
JSCA Circuit (Practice Mode)
JSCA Maze 2019
JSCA OutRun RV Practice
JSCA Supermarket Arena
Neighborhood Arena 2
Pac-man Islands Maze
Pac-man Islands Maze 2
Present Hunt
School's Stunts!
Simple Dirty Raceway Playground
Skiing Paradise - Stunts
Stunts on the Moon
Sweet California (Practice Mode)
Two neighborhoods Stunts
Venice Stunt
Warehouse Stunt Arena

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2 new songs were added to the music collection.

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