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Month in Review: December 2019

1 year ago, 07-01-2020

Hello, here is Alexander back with the December edition of the Month in Review. A bit behind schedule this time, as I was taking a small semi-break from some stuff. Perhaps we can agree on calling it fashionably late.

The month of December wasn't just Christmas cheer, as even in this time of year things were happening in plentiful amounts.

Some buffs here, some nerfs there and other adjustments elsewhere means that the constantly evolving Super Pro pack evolved once more. 11 cars got a touch-up in total. Download it here. The Real Cars pack got some additions as well with 4 new entries into it's roster. You can find that here.

Both the car and track lists got some sexy new makeovers. The car list especially so, as it is now showing some stats for each car, so you can now have a general idea of what you're in for when picking one.

Zeino is hosting another edition of his time trial challenge, with some new twists. You need times on 5 tracks and have 5 cars to choose from, but here is the thing: you can only use each car once, so tactical selection of which vehicle you take where is a must. Check out the details over here.

Just like last year, a Carnival was held to celebrate Christmas and, to a lesser extent, just winter in general due to the lack of Christmas-themed tracks. Both a beauty contest and a racing competition were held with entrants from the beauty contest being used in the race sessions. Entries from the former had to handle exactly like BHV 1 but could be edited in any way you liked. The winners were never officially announced because one of the hosts, who may or may not have been me, completely forgot. I guess it's time to do so now. The winner of the races was Daniel with 351 points, closely followed by OhNej with 342 and Shara with 327. The beauty contest ended way more decisively with URV winning it with 53 votes. Way closer was the battle for 2nd, which was taken by Krobe (37 votes), followed by mrroblinx (35 votes) and Matu (32 votes) not far behind. Congratulations to all of them! The tournament archive will be updated soon to add this event, which I will link here. If still you see this sentence over a week since this recap has been posted, please scream at me.

The Blender Addon recieved a notable update which enables up to 65535 polys for .w .prm and .ncp files, much greater texture animation capabilities and fixes to hull files. If this interests you please take a further look here.

RVGL recieved a monster update with tons of new capabilities for custom creations. There is now support for custom animations, which not only includes visual ones but collision can be moved around too. Custom gravity and pick-up properties can be assigned as well now. These may be the biggest two, but the full list of changes is so large that I wouldn't even know where to start. Go check it out here.

Last month may have been sparse in tracks, with only 2 new releases, but this month releases were kicked into high gear with 8 race tracks and 1 LMS arenas. 6 of those were added within 5 days which, while not quite on the level of me releasing 9 tracks at once, has got to be up there.

One of those two was a conversion from POD: Planet of Death by mrroblinx. This month we got three more with POD: Azthec and POD: Megapol.

The second of last months tracks was a conversion from San Francisco Rush 2049 by Dyspro50. He also continued his conversions by releasing R2049 Road Kill.

Cosmin decided that people have too much fun and made 12204, a track which is named after its 12,204 meter length. What sins have we done to deserve such a fate?

For the Christmas Carnival, I edited Molten Caverns by Saffron and turned it into Frozen Caverns. All the lava has been turned to ice, opening up some new routes here and there.

Nemanja did an edit of Ghost Town 1 with Nemanja's Ghost Town. A shortened version of the original with a new raceline.

The old offroad instance kit was packed out by Zeino who created LMS Valley. A much needed addition to the Last Man Standing gamemode, which for a long time went very underappreciated. His second release this month was a lego track called Overgrown but Muddy.

Just like every month we have many new cars to look at as well. I always kind of dread doing this section because of how much I have to go through, although perhaps that isn't such a bad thing.

First off is Skarma, who month after month brings both quality and quantity. 8 conversions from Cities: Skylines have been released by him this month: Volkswagen Passat (B5), Subaru Legacy 2.0 GT, BMW 525i (E34), Volvo 850 R, Audi S4 (B5), Audi RS 6 (C5), BMW M5 (E39) and Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG. The sheer amount of high quality cars certainly deserves some much needed appreciation.

Once again, mrroblinx hasn't only been converting POD tracks but also POD cars. Bakar and Frazer got a release this month.

Tubers also released two creations into the wild. Both are repaints and they're Trippy and Toyeca Rossi LM, which have models by Xarc and kirbyguy22 respectively.

Next up is Phimeek with a Hot Wheels car called Blind Sider and a remodel called Caralia. Two slick looking cars.

A repaint of Pest Control was made by Swampert. Destroyer is the name.

A tiny clockwork car was made by Zeino and it bears the name of Clockwork Pep. Christmas tree spinner included, very cute.

Microwave by Gotolei. Yep, it's a microwave.

BloodBTF had three releases this month. Two Pro rating cars, which are the rally car Maxam RS and the offroad buggy Cerberus, plus the Christmas Slug Phat Santa.

And lastly the Christmas Carnival brought its fair share of cars with its beauty contest. Grinch by Zeino; PADORUUU~ by OhNej and Nani?!; Rudolphs Revenge by mrroblinx; Jolly Bonczy, Rolly the Snowman and Baby Jesus by me; and finally Santa Pongus by URV, which won the beauty contest. Some of these have differences between the RVZ version and their carnival one, so if you want the original you will be able to check the tournament archive page soon.

Since I am a bit late for this monthly recap, a few more cars have been released, but as they're from January I will write about them next month. Happy new year! Until next Month!