Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - October Content Pack Update

October Content Pack Update

2 years ago, 18-10-2020

The Content Packs have been updated!

Click here to download all the new content.

Warning: If you missed out on last month's update, it is highly recommended you download that first here. If you missed out on any previous updates beforehand, please redownload all content.

This month we have a 3 brand new additions, and plenty of updates to existing tracks - most of which are minor changes to allow compatibility with the Extra Music. AMCO TT is gone from the Main Pack, but don't worry, you can still find it in the Circuit Pack!

Additions Updates Removals
HMS Invincible: Redux Botanical Garden EX AMCO TT
Mysterious Toy-Volt Factory Cake
Mysterious Toy-Volt Factory 2 Cliffside
Hull Breach 3000
Images of Giza: Redux
Molten Caverns
Museum 3
Rooftops 1
RV Temple
School's Out! 2
Skating Toys: Redux
Smashride Circuit
Snowland 1
Snowy River
White Rose Chapel

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Unlike last month, we won't be seeing as many cars being added this update, but there are still plenty of new additions - plus, there's a couple comebacks with new visuals! Some cars received a few updates as well. No cars were removed or moved to the Bonus Pack this time.

Warning: From the November update onwards, all cars in the packs will match their Re-Volt Zone counterparts. Any that become uncompetitive as a result will need a new identity like we did with a handful of Xarc's vehicles back in March, or be moved to the Bonus Car pack.

Additions Updates
Arnoux Ayrton SP
Cerveth Bad Bison
Dragoon Badd RC
Drawall Big Match Jim
Emperor Chubba
Foxy Eatium
Heritage Locust
Hetgarde GT1 Nesbitt
Iron-Z RC Bulldog
FLIR Sarge
Frograph Spectrum
Marauder Sterling F77
Nitro Crusher Sturm
Outlaw Tesla
Power Loader
Runner 2000
The Knight

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A couple of new additions, one update, and one track being moved to the Main Pack!

Additions Updates Removals
Cumulonimbus Clouds Hull Breach 2 Mysterious Toy-Volt Factory
Misty Valley
POD: Roc

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Some new additions and a couple of updates. A few cars were removed, although you'll still be able to find two of them on the Main Pack with new identities.

Additions Updates Removals
Cerberus Fiddler Asahi
CLE 34 Sir Gleam Elelibra
Civil Frollin
Maywood Siri
Moffat Snake Squcciant
Power Wasp Tesla (legacy)

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Several new skins were added to both the Main and the Bonus skin pack.

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Additional arenas were added, along with one sports arena. Two others received updates.

Additions Updates
R2049 Atomic Battle Road of Simplicity
Frozen Pit R2049 Stadium
Simple Dirty Raceway Playground
BasketBall JAM: Redux

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The old classic AMCO TT jumped from the Main Pack to the Circuit Pack, and Green Haze Valley was added along it as well.

Green Haze Valley

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13 new songs were added to the collection.

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