Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - "Re-Volt 2" Released. Hint: This is not a Successor to the original Game

"Re-Volt 2" Released. Hint: This is not a Successor to the original Game

10 years ago, 09-11-2013

Warning: Do not buy this game (or do not purchase anything in-game)! It wants your money! It is also very bad.

Re-Volt 2 has been on the Google Play store for a few days now. I don’t think anyone expected this to happen this early. My expectations regarding WeGo have been lowered since their stealing everything that's around them thing. However, their promo picture looks promising:

But the game itself? Meh. Weird textures, a pink BigVolt, additional game modes (yay?) which have been stolen inspired by Mario Kart. In other words: They slightly altered the games’ code to make it really cheap and crappy.

I can’t say much, though, since I passed my Android phone to my dad. I might pirate try it some time if I’ll ever be bored enough. If you tried it, feel free to comment and tell me it’s not as bad as it appears to be. Still I see that the battery thing is going on. So you’ll have to pay when your playing time runs out. (Reminds of Candy Crush, right?) Hey, a lottery wheel thingy! That’s what a racing game always missed!

It’s as unprofessional as it gets. “Re-Volt 2: Best 3D RC Racing Game” as it appears in the Google Play store. A: It’s a lie! B: You don’t title your game “the best 3D ultra mega RC super game”. You just don’t. You see those guys posting things like “We got the jackpot” on Facebook. No words.

I don’t like where Re-Volt is going. Re-Volt is about community and online races. They should have chosen another game to get “the jackpot”.

**Captain’s log supplemental

just tried the game and got the permanent feel of disgust. The game is based on coins. With those coins (or with the diamonds? Doesn’t matter. It takes real money.), you can buy all kind of shit like power-ups, more time to play, … All those things that are ESSENTIAL TO BE FREE IN A GAME. You start off with like 8 minutes of time. And after that? I don’t know. I just couldn’t bear it anymore. The game only has three tracks anyway. Toys in the Hood, Market and Toy World. The game modes are highly unoriginal and uncreative. It’s only about collecting things. It appears so they disabled the AI. Just don’t buy the game (or is it free? I pirated it since it is not available in main parts of the world.)

Spread the word and tell everyone how crappy this game is. I will not post a link here for that reason.

If you wanna play Re-Volt, pirate it. Do not buy it on the appstore, do not buy it on Good old Games. Do not support WeGo and help us to end this.