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Re-Volt I/O - RVGL 19.0907a

RVGL 19.0907a

3 years ago, 07-09-2019

RVGL has been updated to 19.0907a! Discussion on the forum.

Download Win32 [ setup | 7z ]
Download Win64 [ setup | 7z ]
Download Linux [ setup | 7z ]
Download Android [ apk ]

Visit the topics for the Android version and the Shader edition for more information.

Download the Dreamcast Pack: (not updated this time)
Download the Community Soundtrack:
Download the Controller Map Android app: rvgl_controller_map.apk
More about the update and RVGL: changelog | docs

Full game downloads are available at

The network version has been updated!

There is now support for point-to-point tracks or NFS-style sprint tracks. These tracks have the lap count automatically set to 1 and display the progress percent in place of the lap count. To convert your track into a sprint track, set 'GAMETYPE 4' in the level .inf file and define the end position with ENDPOS. This works just like STARTPOS and can be obtained using Right Shift + F9.

GAMETYPE    4  ; Track type (0:default, 1:battle, 2:stunt, 3:frontend, 4:sprint)
ENDPOS      -17784 -8846 -90895  ; End position coordinates

You then need to re-save the AI and Pos Nodes. These files need to be re-saved whenever the STARTPOS or ENDPOS has changed. The nodes need not form a loop, although it is recommended to lay out a couple of additional nodes before and after the start and end nodes.

Touge Mountain

Sprint tracks are also playable in Time Trial mode. The car is automatically repositioned to the start position upon completing the lap.

We have a new developer on the team - say hello to Frankie - and together we're modernizing the in-game editor! The camera controls have also received an overhaul. These features are enabled through a new [Editor] section in rvgl.ini, containing two new options:

AI Nodes Editor

Show modern editor controls

Position Nodes Editor

  • Ctrl + Left Mouse = Add new node
  • Left Mouse on node = Select node
  • Left Mouse Drag on node = Move node
  • Select node + Right Mouse on another = Connect nodes (order matters)
  • Select node + Right Mouse on connected node = Disconnect nodes
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse over connection line = Inserts a node inbetween
  • Delete = Remove node (Selected first, then if any under cursor)
  • Ctrl + S = Save

Hold Alt = Changes to "Alt" mode

  • Select node + Right Mouse for chain linking

AI Segments Editor
Shares similar controls with the position editor

  • Ctrl + Left Mouse = Add new segment
  • Left Mouse on segment = Select segment
  • Left Mouse Drag on segment = Move segment
  • Select segment + Right Mouse on another = Connect segments (order matters)
  • Select segment + Right Mouse on connected segment = Disconnect segments
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse over connection line = Inserts a segment inbetween
  • Delete = Remove segment (Selected first, then if any under cursor)
  • Drag white line on selected segment = modifies race line
  • Ctrl + S = Save

Hold Alt = Changes to "Alt" mode

  • Allows modifying the overtaking line (Drag pink line on selected segment)
  • Clicking on nodes of the segment toggles a wall depending on the side
  • Select node + Right Mouse for chain linking

The editor has also received a couple of other usability improvements:

Wireframe render in shader mode

Show changelog of this version

| Pumped network version.

- Sprint Tracks: New GAMETYPE 4 for sprint tracks (point A -> B). Tracks
using this game type must also specify an ENDPOS defining the finish line,
in the same format as the STARTPOS.
The AI (*.fan) and Pos Nodes (*.pan) file formats have been updated to hold
the ending node ID. The end node is deduced from the ENDPOS, just as the
start node is deduced from the STARTPOS. These files must be re-saved
whenever the STARTPOS or ENDPOS is changed. When the start and end nodes
are different, the nodes do not have to form a loop.
- Modern Editor Workflow: There is now optional support for a modern editor
controls scheme and alternate camera controls, both of which are disabled
by default. These can be enabled separately using new options under the
Editor section in rvgl.ini:
Set "LegacyCameraControls = 0" to access a modified WSAD set for camera
movement along with same-direction Y-axis for mouse motion.
Set "LegacyEditorControls = 0" to access the new and improved editor
workflow. This is currently implemented for AI Nodes and Pos Nodes edit

- Level *.inf file parsing now uses the common utils parser similar to other
text-based formats. This should make *.inf parsing more stable and bring
consistency across the different text formats.
- Shaders: Maximum supported on-screen generated polys (eg, sparks, dust) has
increased to 65536. Also better optimized semi-transparency sorting.
- The camera collision fix from the previous version is restored. This should
improve camera behavior at high frame rates.
- Editor: Visimasks are no longer updated per-frame in Visiboxes edit mode.
They are updated when saving the file. This should improve performance.
- Editor: Lens zoom support has improved. Rotation speed is now consistent
across zoom levels. The scroll-wheel zoom speed can be controlled with the
caps lock key. Also, zoom level is preserved when switching between F4 and
F6 modes.
- Editor: The in-game mouse cursor is 1:1 accurate with the system cursor.
The cursor is hidden in camera rotation mode (with mouse right held).

- Fixed overflow in Stunt Arena mode with more than 64 stars.
- Editor: Fixed improperly initialized objects in nodes edit mode and ensure
proper ranges for light Reach and RGB. Also fixed inability to set Zone ID
above 255.
- Editor: Fixed AI nodes flashing even after linking until the file is saved.
- Editor: Fixed various glitches in shader mode. Transparent objects (eg,
zone boxes) no longer flicker. Lines are now properly rendered over the 3D
mesh. Working wireframe and AI debug render.
- Editor: Fixed glitch in 3D text positioning in mirrored mode. Also fixed
distance text over nodes with no links.
- Editor: Fixed frame rate dependency in various editor mechanics including
value selection and rotation.
- Fixed key cars not moving in Frontend after using Back To Lobby.
- Fixed 'Waiting For' bug when a game is started with no human players.
- Fixed cheating flags in session CSV saved out of order.
- Fixed bomb transfer bug affecting CPU cars.