Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - RVGL - First Alpha Release!

RVGL - First Alpha Release!

9 years ago, 02-03-2015

RVGL is Re-Volt remade with open source libraries! It works on Windows and Linux natively. It’s pretty exciting. If you wanna take Re-Volt to the next level, go here and give it a go. Install it like an update and replace older files.

So that is the end of Re-Volt 1.2 and the beginning RVGL. No more legal complications or anything (hopefully?). Re-Volt feels a lot better, sounds better, looks better and even smells better. Check back to see updates here on RVF. i’ll keep you up to date! If you’re a member of RVL, be sure to post some feedback! Huki has done quite some work there!

RVGL Project Page

Have fun!