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Re-Volt has been pulled from GOG

8 years ago

Re-Volt Live, Skarma:

Yesterday during a skype call, we got onto the subject of 1.2, the original xbox source code and WeGo as we usually do. Upon Marv learning about the fact that the GOG version is actually the 1.2 patch which was stolen from Huki & Jigebren, he posted this article some tim...

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Do not buy Re-Volt on GOG

8 years ago

Re-Volt has been on GOG for a while. As you know, WeGoInteractive owns the IP rights for Re-Volt.

However, the build offered on GOG (Re-Volt 1.2 from was done by Huki and Jigebren. It has been completely re-engineered, thus the code is entirely made by the community and no...

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