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Re-Volt I/O - Forwarding Ports

Forwarding Ports

Note: This is only in case you want to host online games, when joining games you do not need to do this. The most advisable thing would be to open the port to have a better experience!

How to Port Forward?

  1. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet. (Doesn't work on Cellular Data / SIM Modems can be work depends the model or if the Cellular Data allows it)
  2. Open the Start Menu and type "cmd.exe", in the black window that appears type "ipconfig"
  3. Find the Default Gateway, most of the time it's, go to your preferred Internet Browser, type that into the url adress bar and press Enter
  4. The accessed website should ask you for a Username and Password, this is the portal to access your router's web interface.
  5. Look on the back of your router to find the username and password information (usually it's "admin" "admin")
  6. Another way to find the login information is to search on the internet the model of your router and looking at what the default login credentials might be for your model
  7. Locate the Port Forwarding/NAT Forwarding/Port Mapping menu
  8. Create new Port Forward, make sure to specify Port 2310 & Protocol UDP, select your Device or add the IPv4 address of your devices Manually.

The port forwarding should be set up now, make sure to allow the game's executable through Firewall settings, if you have it enabled. Start a multiplayer lobby and Enjoy!

(!) If it does not work, try enabling DMZ option, this opens all ports to the internet. This is not recommended, only do this if it's really necessary and you know the risks of opening all ports!

(!) Make sure your ISP doesn't block Port 2310, otherwise you might be able to unblock it by contacting your ISP


  1. Set Static IP For Your Device:
  2. Locate DHCP server / DHCP menu in your router
  3. Find an option to Reserve/Allocate Static IP to your device
  4. Add the reservation, create an IP for the device and hit Apply
  5. Update Port Forward Device IP and DMZ with the IP From DHCP
  6. Control Panel > Network & Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > Select Adapter > Properties > IPV4 > Properties > Select Obtain an IP adress automatically.

(All those options allow you to not need to change the assigned Device IP Address in the Port Forwarding Settings everytime it changes)

Add a HostName

  1. Go To NOIP website
  2. Create an Account, a Hostname and Username
  3. Open Router Settings, Locate DNS / Dynamic DNS Option
  4. Select NO IP as Provider
  5. Enter Username, Password, Hostname of the Account you just createdon No-IP Website
  6. Press Apply/ Enable whichever option you have

(With a Hostname, people can join your lobbies by entering, for example:; instead of something like: It looks fancier and also hides your IP from direct view (it is not completely hidden though)

Download DUC (Dynamic Update Client)

  1. Download Here
  2. Open it and Log in using your noip credentials. (With this installed, you can redirect your IP to your hostname on the fly by hitting the Refresh Now button, you don't need to go to website, you just go to DUC app. The only time you need to go to the website is to refresh your hostname each month, if you're using the free plan)


If you have a different router than the ones listed below, it would be very nice of you to contribute a guide with screenshots.