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Re-Volt I/O - Abandoned Designs Project Released!

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Abandoned Designs Project Released!

8 months ago, 14-09-2020

Project Logo by Norfair

The highly anticipated Abandoned Designs Project is finally here!

This project started two years ago with the intent of recreating some of the cars present in the Re-Volt gallery - now that it has finally been released, we can say the project surely surpassed our wildest expectations, and the small, hardworking team in charge of it managed to produce 70 (you heard it!) unique cars to expand your collection!

The base of this project consisted mostly in gallery images, Scrapbook Deluxe shots, promo material found in Paul Phippen's Portfolio and even some exclusive material seen in Joe Groombridge's Portfolio. Every ounce of inspiration was put to good use to create a variety of stock-like cars, each of them with a wide array of shapes, colours and handling for you to choose from.

Read more below and discover all the cars contained in the project, or alternatively, hop directly to the Abandoned Designs Project page!

There's a wide variety of cars to chose from, spanning all classes. You can browse through each category below:

A series of "debut sessions" will be sheduled after the Pack's release, throughout the upcoming weeks. Each session will ideally cover one class of cars, in a selection of tracks from the IO Packs. Stay tuned form more info in the coming days in Revolt I/O's upcoming events page.

In the meantime, try to get familiar with the cars, maybe you'll find one that suits your tastes!

In behalf of the entire team that worked on this Project, we wish that you enjoy this pack as much as we liked creating it - hopefully the product of our ambitious journey will bring you joy and hours of fun by playing with these cars! :)

Get the full set of cars by clicking the button below: