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Re-Volt I/O - January Content Packs Update

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January Content Packs Update

12 months ago, 20-01-2020

The Content Packs have been updated!

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Note: This month's update pack also includes a few forgotten files from the previous update.

This time we've focused heavily on updates, with one special highlight: Rooftops 1 by G_J and I_Spy. Our version includes various modifications by Saffron to make it more suitable for online racing, and we've also renamed it to Fiddlers on the Roof: Redux. The original version has been moved to the bonus pack for now.

Additions Updates Removals
Fiddlers on the Roof: Redux Grisville Fiddlers on the Roof
Rooftop Chase: Redux
RV Temple
Snowland 1

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Aside from a few hull updates, we've brought over 3 cars from the bonus pack in exchange for 11 cars. We will be focusing on bringing completely new cars to the pack next month.

Additions Updates Removals
Danger Eaglet Abracadabra
Mr. Bob El Gekko APC L-13
Quazar Shining Fairy Big Momma
Sizzler BubbleZ
RV Jetcar
Varanus K

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33 skins have been added.

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The only real update is the one to Big Momma, which was previously part of the main pack. The rest of the additions are from the main pack. Aside from that, we've decided to clean up the pack a little, reducing the amount of bonus cars from 113 to 86. If you'd still like to download the removed cars, you can obtain them from here, along with any other removed content.

Additions Updates Removals
Abracadabra Big Momma BadJam
APC L-13 Beta
BubbleZ Big Birk
Jaguar Burning Sensation
Misterio Evasive
RC X Fast Traxx
RV Jetcar Hannimal
Stonemason JZ
Varanus K Mark Jenkins
YI-1 Miss Kuma
Formula Z Monster Beetle
Nano Slammr
Nice Black
Night Drifter
Radar Ranger
RZ Fang
Scorcher 6x6
Senketsu GT
Spoiler Sport
Toy-Volt X
Wind Up

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This time we have a small update to Reiser and Selsia Turbo, along with the removal of Formula Z. The rest of the updates listed below are from a silent update from December 3.

Updates Removals
Alterego Formula Z
P4 Super
Selsia Turbo
Ultra RV

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After a long time, we finally have 3 new additions: The aptly-named LMS Arena, the Minecraft-themed LMS Skyblock, and the offroad kit-based LMS Valley.

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Saffron has updated all the Sideways Sanctuaries, removing the harsh repositions in favour of more forgiving fences.

Additions Updates
Sideways Sanctuary D Sideways Sanctuary A
Sideways Sanctuary B
Sideways Sanctuary C
Small Circuit 2

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