Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - March Content Packs Update

March Content Packs Update

4 years ago, 02-03-2020

The Content Packs have been updated!

Click here to download all the new content.

Update: There has been a hotfix! If you already obtained the update, please download the hotfix from here. Otherwise, you can download the all-in-one package from above; the hotfix is included in it, as well as in the full packages below.

Warning: The changes from the Bonus Cars and Extra Music & Community Soundtrack packages are not included in the all-in-one package this time around. If you have not updated since early 2019 (or wish to make sure you have everything), you may need to download the packages separately from below.

We have a good amount of updates this time around, but other than that there's nothing new.

Biohazard Factory
Kadish Sprint
RV Temple
School's Out

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Due to a new set of restrictions introduced by Xarc, this update mostly focused on replacing many of his cars with various remodels, repaints and reparams. However, based on a new set of voting, we also removed and added a few cars from the bonus content pack. You can see the results of our voting here. Additionally, many of the cars have also received small updates, and all custom cars now display the correct in-game rating.

We have merged the Super Pros package with this one in light of the latest RVGL update, which introduces support for the Super Pro rating.

Additions Updates Removals
After Image 75C Acclaim F1
AMA 25 Alice Aerozad
Big Match Jim Artair Afterburner
DLX 11 Bed Bug Ahead
Donnie TC Bendor Angelica
Electric Sheep BHV 1 Asahi
Emilia Bumblebee Ashley
Frostbite Crankenwagon Danger
Gust DRJ-61 DGR 43
Honeybee Eaglet Dump Truck
Keyakizaka Eatium Evolution
Littsia EXE TC Frollin
Mirage G3X Gear GT
Naranja Turbo High-Rod Hitomi Spike
Nashorn Indy B Honey Rush
Poison Ivy KC-3 Intrudo
Porumbarul Kyarus Ladit Nav
Rothams Racing Le Pastel Luxur
Swede LV 54 Mr. Bob
Toy-Volt Towing Maxam RS Rouge
Ultra Gamma Nimiarc Perfect Shot
Vaanbus Panther PRG 61
Vixen Phenom RC Action
Voltz XL Prime Target Sakyū
Quag Hopper Sater XL
RVRC 20 Shining Fairy
Red Kermit Squcciant
Rice Ball Super Pasq
S13 Alltune Super Wheat
Shinobi Superior
Sizzler Terram
Strax Titan
SR-8000 Ultima
Touga Yuurei V8
Tribute Zoondiac
TT Raider ZS-9

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Some of Xarc's cars that could not be modified to meet the new restrictions have been moved to this package for now. In addition, we've also added some other cars based on our voting, along with some of the older Super Pro cars that were previously removed. The contents of this package is currently not included in the all-in-one update pack. You can see the results of our voting here.

Additions Removals
Acclaim F1 Abracadabra
Afterburner Army Car
Asahi Big Momma
Cherry Top Blackfoot
Cougar Spec-S Cerberus
Danger Civil
DGR 43 Eclisse
Dump Truck Favs
Evolution Fiddler
Firestarter Flatboy
Frollin Haiburrido
Infernal Heatroad
Intrudo Jaguar
Nano Rascal Nitro M82
Nova Oliver
RC Action RC Vector
Sakyū RC X
Screamer RV Jetcar
Sideswipe Rionnesta
Squcciant Sakura
Super Wheat Scatterbolt
Toyeca Evo-R MK2 Silver Flame
Volken Champion Skyedge
Sol-Aire CX4
Special Delivery
Super A
ST 23
Ultra Gamma
Voltz XL

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Four cars have been updated with collision fixes, three have been rebalanced, two have been removed and one car has been added. Purp XL has also been moved up to the class.

In light of the latest RVGL update, which introduces support for the Super Pro rating, this project has been officially merged into the Car Collection package.

Additions Updates Removals
Purp XL Alterego Firestarter
Yinisa AU-8 Nova
Cambold R

The latest changes can be downloaded from the Car Collection package or the all-in-one update.

40 skins have been added, along with 1 update and 2 removals. Some other skins have been moved to different cars to reflect the changes from the other packages, and some redundant skins have also been removed.

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THE MAN has remastered his music and the packages have been updated to reflect that. Due to the way the pack works, it is recommended that you first delete the contents located in RVGL/music/io if you download the Custom Music package.

Download the Extra Music | Download the Community Soundtrack