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Re-Volt I/O - Month in Review: October 2019

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Month in Review: October 2019

2 years ago, 30-10-2019

Hello, here is Alexander back with the second edition of the Month in Review. This time we're looking at October, the month of skeletons, zombies, blood and psychological trauma, but mostly skeletons.

Picking off from September quite a few things have happened. From events to lots and lots of cars we have quite a few things to look at, so let's start.

Right at the start of the month we got treated to a new RVGL update. An update great for track creators with it continuing the in-game editor improvements started last version and giving us extended file limits. Also included were various improvements to ghost cars, the time trial table, the android version, online chat and a returning cheat code in JOKER.

The big event this month was the Halloween Carnival. Similar to All's Fair, each participant can enter a car which is then raced on spooooooky tracks. Well, at least as spooky as we have available. The difference between All's Fair and Carnivals is that here the entered car must handle identical to a pre-determined base car, with this round's being Frollin. The competition ended with Wichilie winning, handily scoring 373 points, a solid win over my own 301 points on 2nd. The beauty contest is still ongoing at the time of writing with the two frontrunners only being one vote apart. If you want to look at the participants and vote you can do so on our Discord server.

The Re-Volt Speedrunning Discord is hosting a weekly challenge on their server with varied and creative challenges awaiting you. It started last week where you had three cars and three tracks. Cars could only be used on one track and you had to get the lowest time trial score possible. This week you have to push a box along a predetermined path in Supermarket 1 without the box touching any walls. It's quite tricky, but if you think you're up for the challenge, make sure to hop in and try your best.

The Lego Extreme Track Competition hosted by Wichilie andf Zeino makes a return, this time with the theme of Halloween. It has been quite a while since the last one which happened all the way back in May. And while that one was a bit of a flop participant wise, although it did give us Beehive Valley Adventures, this one is looking to be a bit more populated. However, the deadline has already passed and the voting has begun.

The archive of the cars of previous All's Fairs that I mentioned last Month in Review has been opened. Take a look at screenshots of every car from every All's Fair. We also just set up an archive for the Halloween and Christmas Carnivals.

And our last news for this month is the potential renaming of the I/O Car Classes. Them sharing their names with their stock counterparts has caused quite a bit of confusion for a lot of people, as they don't match 100%. A form was made looking for potential alternatives. For more details on this check out the forum thread on the matter.

With last month track after track being released it's no surprise that this month things have slowed down a bit on this front. That doesn't mean things were silent though.

If you're hoping for new Extreme tracks you're going to have to wait as this month has been all lego, and starting that wave was jhu103 who made four lego tracks since our last review. Funny Lego, Indoor Pool, Maple GO! and Popcorn Film were all released by him within the span of 4 weeks.

Next we have the phenomenal Schizophrenia by Turbooo. Made for the aforementioned lego competition, this is not setting out to be a fun race track but is a disturbing piece of horror, achieving its goal of being disturbing amazingly well.

Another competition entry was Skeleton Rave by yours truly. It takes place in a dance club with some properly themed complextro tunes by cYsmix and lots and lots of dancing skeletons.

More Halloween comes in the form of Nightmare made by Floke. Also entered into the lego competition, this is perhaps the most normal out of all of them.

The last entry is the so far unreleased Miners End by Wichilie. A work in progress version was previewed in the Halloween Carnival. Well, it was supposed to be an entry, but he missed his own deadline.

Zeino, the other host of that competition, meanwhile made a Lego LMS Pack. Four arenas for Last Man Standing made with the track editor.

If cars are more your thing then you for sure won't be disappointed, because this month there were a ton of releases. Some of these are from September but they were released after I made that month's lookback, so I'm putting them here as well.

From lego tracks we go to lego cars, as Kipy released a pack of 8 cars made out of literal legos. Called the RC Lego Racing Pack, these may have been all released individually before, but now these are all balanced for any potential multiplayer session.

The machine that is Xarc began turning its gears once again. His releases were Bundher, Team AMA, Reiser, RG0 and Jet XKL along with four RC de GO! conversions in collaboration with MightyCucumber in Speed Max, Madkins, Buggy 4 and Fighter.

When it comes to numbers he is easily outdone by Skarma, who has 20 releases to his name this month. That's so many that I can't even list them all here without this whole section looking ridiculous. I will link some of my personal recommendations though. They are Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL, Toyota Coaster, Cizeta V16T, 24 Ours, Fire & Ice and Subaru 21-XL Concept.

From models by Stephi and params by burner94 and FBV-86 we get two insanely cutesy cars. Get rid of that Halloween fright with Chubturn and Sparkle Guardian.

Phimeek comes out with three Super-Pro remodels in AU-8, Calcure and Ultra RV alongside a Hot Wheels conversion of Twin Mill

Tubers and Marv made Vulkan Turbo stemming from an inside joke about Volken being the Vulkan API.

Shara gave us RZ Haze, the rookie counterpart of RZ Fang. It's a good looking but tricky to control buggy that can be quite fun if you manage to control it.

Warthog by fishfist is a conversion of a vehicle of the same name from the game Halo: Combat Evolved. Its turret on the back is just for show.

Marklanchvar32 released Clocky Phaty, a fat clockwork as the name suggests and the Graalian Truck, a pickup truck with a big chest on the back. What's a Graal? No idea.

Some quite colorful additions to RVZ were made by BloodBTF in the form of Rascal and Phantum, which are a buggy and a truck respectively.

And last but certainly not least are this months cars by Flyboy. The long pro class Fast Feline started things which was then followed by DOD-63. The latter has recieved quite a number of beautiful repaints immediately after release.

Also of note are the entries from the Halloween Carnival slowly trickling into RVZ. Right now we got Darkage by Zeino and Usain Bones by me. Keep an eye out for more.

With so many new cars I may have to rethink on how to structure that section if the amount keeps up. Anyways I hope you have a great November, I will be off in Vienna for the next few days. Until next Month!